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Project Free TV – Streaming Online for Free

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 28/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


Project Free TV is neither a torrent tracker nor torrent search engine

Project Free TV has become one of the most visited streaming sites by 2017. The site has been gaining popularity even despite the fact that BitTorrent sharing is even more widely-spread nowadays.

However, a cautious Internet user should take some measures to stay safe and secure while using Project Free TV. We’re glad to give you the list of the best VPN providers in 2019:

  1. ExpressVPN: Easy-to-use VPN service that gives you an opportunity to choose the fastest VPN server location for Project Free TV.
  2. NordVPN: You can choose between more than 5100 super-fast servers of the VPN to enjoy secure streaming experience using Project Free TV.
  3. CyberGhost: You’ll forget about intrusive ads with this software, automatic Kill Switch, and IP leak protection will make your Internet connection safe and fast.
  4. IPVanish: This great service doesn’t record any of your Internet activity while using Project Free TV.
  5. VyprVPN: You’ll easily bypass location-based blocks and access your favorite content on Project Free TV with this VPN. 

What is Project free TV?

Project Free TV is neither a torrent tracker nor torrent search engine. It is a kind of free online streaming websites like Putlocker or 123movies.

As it is said on the website, they don’t host any content there, but provide links to the movies or shows that are published or uploaded on such popular sites as Veoh.com, Megavideo.com, YouTube.com, Google Video.

That means that when you want to watch a video or show on Project Free TV, you click onto the link, and the website redirects you to the content that is on third party websites.

It should be noted that according to Project Free TV Disclaimer the website is not responsible for any content linked to or from the website. They do not aware of who uploaded the content or where the material came from. 

What content links can you find on Project Free TV?

When you visit Project Free TV, you will see that that the website allows you to watch popular movies and TV shows online without downloading on your device or buying a subscription like on Netflix, for instance. 

How can I search for TV shows on Project Free TV?

There are at least two options for content search on Project Free TV:

  • You may type in the title of a TV show, you would like to watch. One can find the search in the left part of the webpage as it is on the screen below.
  • It is also possible to browse for the latest added TV shows or popular ones and find something to your taste. 

Why is Project Free TV popular on the network?

The question really deserves being answered. More and more internet users take advantage of torrent trackers and BitTorrent sharing technologies, others would prefer private online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu (be sure you have a VPN for Netflix).

Project Free TV is an additional alternative to torrenting that collects content indexes from all possible ‘internet points’’ in one place. 

Internet users might love Project Free TV as:

  • the website’s easy navigation;
  • easy ways to use and search for the content;
  • huge database of movies and TV shows.

2015: Project Free TV was closed down


As with many other similar websites, Project Free TV was not available for some time. According to internet resources when it became unavailable for its users, the only word that could be viewed instead of the interface of Project Free TV was Goodbye.

A lot of unsatisfied and disappointed comments were published on forums and social networks. Fortunately, it was on the go again in 2017. 

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Is it safe to watch films on Project Free TV?

The problem is connected with the fact that the author of the website does not carry any responsibility about the content provided on Project Free TV. Once clicking onto the link, you might or not get difficulties. What kind of them may you get?

Firstly, you might catch a virus and infect your computer system.

Secondly, the content you watch on Project Free TV might breach copyright laws.

As the reports show, such free streaming platforms do not hesitate to annoy users with ads. Sometimes they take the form of adware. You might be interested what ‘’adware’’ stands for.

What is adware?

The word contains 2 parts ‘’ad’’ +’’ware’’ which means advertising software. It is a kind of pop-up ads that are spread on the Internet. Adware has another, more negative meaning. According to Wikipedia, adware is defined as ‘’a form of malware (malicious software) which presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer’’.

Adware can cause undesirable infections and redirects to the website of Project Free TV which make a user feel suspicious: why does the unknown web-address redirect me? Is it malware? Yes, it is. It can be removed, but it is better to prevent your computer from infection. How should you do this? Have a look at these 2 NEVER–DO tips:

Never do this on Project-Free-TV!

  1. Never download any content from Project-Free-TV! Why?

Never do this on Project-Free-TV

Because the content or software offered by annoying adware will definitely contain malware. You expose your computer system to danger.

  1. Never click on ‘’You must install….’’ and other similar ads! Why?

Never do this on Project-Free-TV

They may be malicious programs that would interfere with the system of the computer. This can be extremely dangerous for it.

 Should I use Project Free TV anonymously?

Yes, it is even strongly recommended.

Since the content is not hosted on the website of Project Free TV, the origin of it is unknown. It is quite necessary to take precautions to stay secure on Project Free TV. Being careful in the usage of Project Free TV, you may avoid undesirable virus infections or warning letters from third-party agencies. 

How to use Project Free TV safely?


A reliable tool for being secure has been developed a few years ago and began popular for various purposes. What is that tool?

A VPN service is a helpful instrument to stay safe, private and anonymous on the network. Such services allow you to change your IP address by connecting via special foreign servers. Besides, strong data encrypting protocols are applied to cipher the traffic transferred. The will give the security you need for watching films and shows on Project Free TV. 

Best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV


As we have been noted above, it is more recommended to use the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV. Firstly, such free streaming sites as Project Free TV contain different kinds of malware which are dangerous for your device. Secondly, streaming anonymously is more preferable because of copyright abuse issues.

Well, how to choose the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV? What are the main features to look for in the service?

Let’s define them right now:

#1 Blazing speeds

Almost all VPN providers promise you streaming and torrenting at the most blazing speeds, but in reality, internet connections might be slow, which leads to long latency and lagging while steaming.

In order to have smooth streaming internet connection speeds should be at least 2 Mb/s, but for high-quality movies your internet should be far more blazing. Moreover, it also depends on the service itself.

Taking into account all that was mentioned above, testify the speed of the best VPN for streaming VPN for streaming on Project Free TV. It is very convenient to testify the service during its free trial period if it is available. In case our provider doesn’t offer such an opportunity, you’d better subscribe for a 1-month period. If the service will suit you, it is always possible to prolong the period of subscription.

#2 ‘’No logs’’ policy

Most of the VPN providers claim on their websites that they do not keep any users’ logs. But what is in reality? Certain VPN providers actually collect some information about the VPN users. What logs shouldn’t be kept if you want anonymous and private streaming on Project Free TV?

  • The provider of the best VPN for streaming shouldn’t collect and what is more, keep users’ IP addresses for a long period of time (6 months and more). That’s why be sure that you haven’t subscribed for the VPN which is under the jurisdiction of one of 5 eyes.
  • Certain VPN providers may collect the data about the websites you visit and content downloaded from there. It doesn’t ensure you with real anonymity and privacy. Why? Though your ISP is not aware of your online activities, your VPN provider does know what you do online.

The best option for such a  VPN will be a no-logging policy.

#3 Encryption and protocols

When your stream films on Project Free TV, your traffic should be encoded with data codifying tools. Why?  You might watch copyrighted movies there, and taking into consideration the fact that the site’s owner is ‘’not responsible for the links provided o the websites’’, you might be sent a warning letter from your ISP, for instance.


The Best VPN for Streaming on Project Free TV:

Encryption: 256-bit key.

Protocol: OpenVPN is preferable.

Best VPN for streaming features

Это обычно не сложно, если у провайдера VPN есть приложения для вашей операционной платформы

How to unblock Project Free TV from everywhere?

Like any other site for free streaming, it is sometimes subjected to internet restrictions and shutdowns. So in some regions, it can’t be used without special services, such as proxies or VPNs.

How proxy works for Project Free TV

To avoid geo-restrictions imposed on Project Free TV, one has to change an IP address to pretend to be from another country where it is not blocked.

It is usually free and easy to use, so it seems to be rather popular for these needs. A user just goes to the website of a free proxy server, inserts the link to Project Free TV and the traffic is redirected through the proxy server.

But what are the dark sides of proxies?

  • Proxies don’t encrypt your sensitive information which is transferred through the network.
  • Proxies slow down internet connectionы, so it is likely that you won’t be able to enjoy streaming without lagging of the Internet.
  • Proxies don’t apply secure data transfer protocols that make your internet connections more protected. 

Why to prefer VPN to unblock Project Free TV?

Taking into account, the proxy cons mentioned above, we would recommend you to use a VPN service instead of them. These are 5 reasons why VPNs are better than proxies for Project Free TV:

  1. Most of the VPN services let you choose the country for being connected through.
  2. A VPN creates a secure tunnel for your information, thus making it more protected and less vulnerable to hacking attacks.
  3. The information is thoroughly codified, so it is hidden from the prying eyes of snoopers.
  4. With a VPN service, the Internet is not slower (most VPN providers run ultra-fast servers which don’t slow internet speeds down).
  5. Finally, with a VPN, you will both unblock Project Free TV and protect yourself on the Internet. 

How to set up the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV


That’s not usually difficult if the VPN provider has apps for your operating platform.

It usually takes a few minutes or a little bit more. These are several steps to set up the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV:

  1. Find the appropriate appliance on the official website of the VPN provider. The app should be compatible with your operating system.
  2. Download the app on your device.
  3. After the app is saved on your device, open it and follow the instructions to set up it. If you are a beginner in VPNs, you can find tutorials (they are usually on the VPN provider’s website) or ask support specialists to assist you.
  4. After the process of installation is finished, the VPN for streaming is ready for work. 

Project Free TV movies: how to watch with VPN

Now you have a VPN for streaming on your device and ready to watch Project Free TV movies online. But how will you do this with VPN?  This is the way you can watch Project Free TV movies via Virtual Private Network:

  1. Before you open your browser and visit the service’s site, turn your VPN on.
  2. Then connect via one of the foreign VPN servers offered by your provider. Your true IP address will be changed into another one.
  3. As far as encrypting is concerned, it is usually done automatically. You don’t have to configure anything.
  4. Now you may visit the website and enjoy its films and series anonymously and safely with VPN.

Project Free TV alternatives

It is widely known that free of charge streaming websites can be sometimes unavailable due to some reasons: geo-location, internet censorship or they may be shut down. For this reason, we prepared top 5 of Project Free TV alternatives for you in case it doesn’t work for you even with VPN (Reddit users like them!).


Best Project Free TV Alternatives 2019

  1. VIPBox.tv
  2. WatchCartoonOnline
  3. Popcorn Time
  4. Vidzi.TV
  5. WatchSeries

There are other alternatives for online streaming like SlingTV, but you will have to pay for watching movies there, among the most popular online streaming services are Netflix and Hulu. Nevertheless, you also need a VPN for Netflix and Hulu, while streaming on these online services. 

But wait!

Actually, torrenting is a good alternative to streaming. It allows downloading a movie or a TV show and watch it when the Internet connection is lost. The best websites for torrenting are:

Project Free TV: Main Highlights

  • Project Free TV is free of charge service for watching films online.
  • The website is easy to use: attractive user-friendly interface and options to stream and perform searching Project Free TV movies.
  • It is strongly advised to apply the best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV.
  • The best VPN for streaming should be fast, encrypt the data transferred and not keep any logs about you and your activities (Tor is less efficient for streaming).
  • In the case of Project Free TV is unavailable for you, use a VPN to unblock it. If it is not efficient, you can watch movies on Project Free TV alternatives 2019.

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April 07, 2018 1 

I have been using Project Free TV for years, and it was shutdown in 2015, I was very upset about it. When it was restored, I was happy! But now I am no very satisfied with it as the site often redirects me to another page. I am afraid of catching a virus from there or being interfered into my personal information. Are there any Project Free TV alternative websites?

July 12, 2018 0 

What server should I connect while watching project free tv new movies?

David Balaban
David Balaban
July 12, 2018 0 

Hi, Dan. Thank you for asking. As speeds matter for watching movies, it is better to find location which is not far from your country. We also advise you to use a server which is out of 14 eyes countries. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! Good luck!

May 16, 2018 0 

I am some kind of cinemaholic, Project Free TV movies online is a real paradise for me! I can`t imagine my life without this free service! I usually use Open VPN for watching films and serials. It is quite fast. It has never let me down!

May 08, 2018 0 

Thank you for the article. Now I know how to get unblocked project free tv. I miss it so much! But it is difficult for me to choose an appropriate VPN anyway. There are innumerable vpn services on the market! Moreover, each provider claims that its server is the best and most secure. I have no idea what to choose. Which VPN is better for project free tv uk after all? Thank you!

David Balaban
David Balaban
May 08, 2018 0 

Hi, Bette. Thank you for the question. We are glad to know that you find the article useful. You are absolutely right, there is an extensive selection of VPN providers on the market nowadays. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a reliable one. But don`t despair, we`ll try to help you. You don`t need to choose the best VPN! In fact, we can`t say that this or that VPN is the best. Each VPN provider has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. In our article we have described the main feature that a reliable VPN should have. You can look through the section "Best VPN for streaming on Project Free TV" once again. As privacy comes first, we strongly recommend you to use a paid VPN. It is impossible to know for sure that a free VPN provider will guarantee anonymity and safety. We also recommend you to read a privacy policy carefully while choosing a VPN. We hope this answer your question. Good luck!

April 07, 2018 1 

I have been using Project Free TV for years, and it was shutdown in 2015, I was very upset about it. When it was restored, I was happy! But now I am no very satisfied with it as the site often redirects me to another page. I am afraid of catching a virus from there or being interfered into my personal information. Are there any Project Free TV alternative websites?

David Balaban
David Balaban
April 08, 2018 0 

Jack, you may try such alternatives to Project Free TV as Popcorn Time, WatchCartoonOnline, Vidzi.TV, WatchSeries or VIPBox.tv to watch movies online. You should also remember that to be protected and private online you need to watch films online with a VPN for streaming. Your online activity will be encrypted and hidden from Internet Service Providers, authorities or snoopers. Have a look at the best VPNs for streaming in the article above.