NordVPN vs PIA Overview: Which is More Secure?

Last updated: January 14, 2020
David Balaban

David Balaban

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PIA vs NordVPN

This week we’ll present you a new PIA vs NordVPN VPN comparison. There is no doubt that these VPN services enjoy wide popularity in view of their reliability and high security level.

And, yet there are some features to study in order to identify which provider is the most secure in 2020 – NordVPN or PIA?

The main points of the VPN services underwent a circumstantial study. Read this PIA vs NordVPN review till the end and you will get to know what to subscribe for if you are not a VPN user yet.

Here goes!

NordVPN vs PIA Tariffs and Prices


Both NordVPN and PIA are sure of their high quality service and offer a money-back guarantee. If a client is not satisfied with the VPN provider it is possible to get money back: NordVPN – 30 days, PIA VPN – 7 days.

A free trial is not offered by PIA, but NordVPN allows testing the service for 3 days without payment.

Do you want to protect your personal data and bypass the restrictions of the place you live in without considerable material costs?

Both VPN services described in this review will attract you.

No more than $4 per month is possible if you are a NordVPN on PIA consumer!

1 month of NordVPN protection costs $11.95. But a 70% discount allows reducing the price by $8.46 ($3.49 per month). But if one can’t pay for 2 years at once, it is possible to choose 1-month and 1-year plan.

NordVPN price

PIA VPN price is even more beneficial if a user wants to pay every month – $6.95. However, a 58% discount is offered in case of 2-year subscription. The best offer costs $2.91.


Nord VPN likePIA VPN like

NordVPN vs PIA Servers


Server location diversity is vital for those who want to make user online fingerprint unique. Besides, a great number of server locations allow accessing almost any content on the World Wide Web.

Private Internet Access VPN is great in terms of servers: there are over 3200. Nevertheless, they are located only in 29 countries of the world.

Nord VPN possesses about 2800 servers, but they are located in 59 countries worldwide. What is more beneficial for NordVPN subscribers, the provider offers dedicated, shared dynamic and static IPs.

Not without purpose, NordVPN and PIA are known as the best VPN services for torrenting. P2P sharing is allowed by these VPN providers.

Nord VPN like

NordVPN vs PIA Functions


Netizens opt for a certain VPN provider on the basis of the functions it offers. Let us investigate what useful features NordVPN and PIA provide their subscribers with.

PIA and NordVPN offer the following set of functions:

  • unlimited bandwidth, speed and server switching;
  • P2P file-sharing for successful torrenting;
  • ad-blocking;
  • automatic kill switch;
  • WiFi protection.

At the same time, neither of them offers split tunneling or NAT firewall.

NordVPN vs PIA Security and Privacy


After The Guardian published the information about total monitoring in 2013, internet users started thinking about the security tools that could protect their private lives.

VPN services are great in terms of security, as they cipher all user online activity (IP, messages, visited websites, time and what not).

Both NordVPN and Private Internet Access VPN use AES 256-bit key for data encoding. In such a way, adversaries would need hundreds of years to decode the data.

As for the protocols, NordVPN surpasses its rival in this battle. For example, PIA offers a secure L2TP protocol that does not provide data encryption. In its turn, NordVPN provides a modified L2TP/IPsec tunneling protocol.

The detailed information on VPN protocols you may study in the table at the end of this review.

Nord VPN like

NordVPN vs PIA Support Service


What would you do in case of troubles with a VPN?

The answer is evident – you will use the support service.

Unfortunately, neither NordVPN nor PIA supplies its subscribers with the live chat support. It is definitely a minus for the services.


Instead of online chat support NordVPN and PIA contain tutorials and guides on their official websites. Besides, one may find a lot of useful information in FAQ section.


Nord VPN likePIA VPN like

NordVPN vs PIA Platforms


One of the activities a user is to undertake while choosing an ideal VPN service is to check whether it is compatible with the device he/she possesses.

PIA VPN will manage to protect the gadgets running on the most popular platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS. Furthermore, the provider worked out Chrome extension to protect browsers.

NordVPN is more universal in terms of platforms compatibility.


Nord VPN like

NordVPN vs PIA Conclusion


It is clear from this review that NordVPN surpasses PIA in many points: server locations, platforms compatibility, security and privacy.

This VPN provider protects its clients against hacking attacks, data theft, IP leak and what not.

Still hesitate what to subscribe for?

Study the table below and make the right decision.

We appreciate the opinion of our readers. So, feel free to leave a comment!




Tariffs and Prices



The number of plans






Money-back guarantee

30 days

7 days

Free trial

3 days

Payment options

PayPal, Credit cards, Bitcoins, AliPay, UnionPay, WebMoney, Yandex, giropay, Sofort banking, iDEAL

Credit cards, OK PAY, amazonpay, mint, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, PayPal, Pay with Zcash systems

Devices for subscription






The amount of locations

59 countries

29 countries

Total IPs


no info

IP type

Dedicated, static and dynamic shared

Dedicated and shared dynamic




Limitless bandwidth

Limitless server switching

Unlimited speeds

P2P sharing











no info


Apps for









Firefox, Chrome





L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2/IPsec, PPTP, Socks 5


Data encryption

256-bit AES

256-bit AES

Kill switch

NAT Firewall

Wi-Fi protection

Split tunneling





Service support





Online Chat


FAQ, guides


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