Your account is out on a limb

March 06, 2018

Millions of user accounts have reportedly hackedIf you surf the net, it’s high time to change your password for better security right now!

Millions of user accounts have reportedly hacked, especially those who use a popular Internet email & social networks.

Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Holden, announced that 272,3 millions of usernames and passwords of the largest email servers like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google’s Gmail had been hacked.

On the Internet the young Russian hacker called Collector was revealed accidentally. There was a special site where the man boasted of his breach of database. The specialists of Hold Security tried to communicate with him on the Internet waiting for his claiming the money. But 50 rubles were enough for sharing the data. He was not interested in money; his only purpose was to attract as many users as possible for getting positive feedback on his web page.

It is suggested that the data has been already come across to another hackers. That’s why these servers are enhancing the security. Before logging in you should be asked extra information.

At the same time the main servers commented their actions, connected with the situation:

  • Google is responding to the danger signal.
  • Microsoft, the owner of Hotmail, put in place the necessary remedial measures.
  • Yahoo hasn’t commented the situation yet.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s see in the near future.