You are able to watch Netflix with NordVPN service

October 13, 2016

You are able to watch Netflix with NordVPN service Multiple reasons can be distinguished for why people turn to VPN service. Secure access to a corporative network, restriction avoiding, online communication protection are just some of them. While traveling to other countries or living in a country that follows the politics of censoring the Internet, you are deprived from usage of many popular social nets, communication apps, and streaming services.

For this very reason, one of the commonest senses for using a VPN is a desire to shift a virtual location to access some blocked sites. Thus, Netflix is considered to be one of the most wishful streaming video services ever and many customers subscribe to a VPN with an eye to this website free usage. Most VPNs have been rendered useless as Netflix monitors such protected accessing. Therefore you need an extra qualitative service to bypass the restrictions.

NordVPN is one of a few services that lick the problem. The service provides a secure access for Mac and iOS devices also. In order to get access to a desirable geo-restricted service you need to choose a server manually through the menu settings. A video can be found loading with a delay, but be sure it’s only for the first minute till it is buffered.

The service provided is pricey enough. A month subscription costs $11,95, but if subscribing for a year a month cost is reduced up to $5, 75. But through it all, the service is worth it and is being continually enhanced by the developers.