Yevgeniy N. has been arrested on suspicion of cyber attacks on US objects

October 22, 2016

LinkedIn Hacker ArrestedWe have been aware of the latest news, which has shocked all the engaged, a Russian man of thirty named Yevgeniy N. has been jailed by Check police on suspicion of being involved in the attack against the US and, which is of even greater concern, also LinkedIn affair of 2012.

We regret to say that no additional details are to be provided now as the investigation is ongoing. This arrest is known to be agreeable with INTERPOL Red Notice. The suspected is now being decided whether to move him to the US for further investigation. The spokesman for Russia’s embassy in Prague insists on handing the man over to Russia.

Year 2016 above 167 million accounts have been seized and sold by someone named ‘peace’ on the dark web for 5 bitcoin. LinkedIn 2012 breach is still being considered by the company and the guilty is being looked for. After the suspected was found the company has issued a commendation to those associated with the investigation.

Whatever happens, according to some reliable sources, Yevgeniy is not implicated in the US recent political hacks.