World markets are under the severe threat of DDoS

May 14, 2018


In consequence of DDoS decrease in 2016 the revenue reportedly reached $816 mil.

According to Frost & Sullivan research the figures are supposed to reach 17.1% by the year of 2021.

Various industries suffer from DDoS attacks. Gaming, the Internet and finances are in the top of this list.

The state of things is the result of the fact that these spheres develop by leaps and bound and their gains are constantly growing.

DDoS creators are permanently working on the attacks development. Their goal is to make them more rapid, unlooked-for and complex.

DDoS attacks in the sphere of online business became more frequent. In this connection new methods to overcome this problem are to be found. The organizations running a business on the Internet should take appropriate measures not to be attacked.

To minimize DDoS negative outcomes some DDoS mitigation market tendencies are to be taken into account:

1. The attacks can strike any organization irrespective of its size or sphere of activity.

2. Adversaries both work out new techniques and continue using existing ones to attack enterprises.

3. Minimization of risks to be attacked by means of a mixture of security tools.

According to the analyst of Frost & Sullivan company Chris Rodriguez, created DDoS mitigation solutions were not assessed and to hold out against DDoS assaults it is necessary to resort to the help of security services.

A VPN will serve as a barrier for DDoS. The trustworthy VPNs are used to block access to the network of an enterprise from the direction of computer fraudsters. Thus, an enterprise is to subscribe the most suitable Virtual Private Network and as a result, the whole organization will be under the strong defense. Besides, all transferring via the Internet business correspondence will be encoded and accordingly secured.

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