WikiLeaks has scared society with unconfirmed disclosures of the CIA

March 13, 2017

WikiLeaks has scared society with unconfirmed disclosures of the CIA Technological advancements have boosted our development in social, health service, educational, and business spheres a lot. However their effects on humanity seem to be far from desired. Thus it has become clear that a lot of data can be imported onto a single atom by IBM, as well as your physical and virtual activities can be traced through your TV or any other connected device. Taking into account the consequences we face today, one can easily find some similarities with George Orwell’s dystopia “1984”. Have the dismal predictions come true?

Practically any device can be used to spy on us today. It doesn’t take an expert to see that any up-to-date phone, tablet, laptop, and other gadgets are supplied with cameras and microphones through which any spying can be fulfilled. Thus the data posted on WikiLeaks discloses a kind of warning that we have already heard from such computer professionals as Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz and etc.

While the CIA confirms that its primary goal is to be innovative in the US citizens’ protection from computer fraudsters, you need to make provision for the future and supply your network with up-to-date defensive technologies. One of the best and most effective solutions for this issue is freedom from numerous connected devices, as well as refusal of the internet.

Unfortunately, we are up to the eyes in the internet and all these useful devices. For some people refusal of the internet is equal to refusal of business or work. Therefore, a more democratic solution is to subscribe for a VPN service. This technology is to make your IP address and geo-location hidden from all the prying eyes. Besides, all your generated traffic is to be encrypted, locked with a long bit-key and routed through a secure tunneling. Having subscribed for the service, you achieve such benefits as internet freedom, relative anonymity, and military-grade protection. So, if you can’t throw away the chance of using the internet, this tool will make your network protected.