Wikileaks has been banned in Turkey

May 14, 2018

wikileaks has been banned in turkeyNow Wikileaks is famous for announcing confidential documents! Having published 300,000 emails from the ruling Justice and Development party the Turkish government banned the website. The publication is considered to be the response to the failed military coup in Turkey.

Commenting the situation Wikileaks stated that there were the emails dated from 2010 to July this year. The emails were come to the website from a source which was not related to the attempted coup.

The Communications Board “administrative measures” have been taken against the website. In fact, “administrative measures” is a special term used when access to sites are banned.

According to the Guardian, the turkish government mentioned the reason of such restrictions. The problem is spreading stolen information.

Being blocked in Turkey Wikileaks said it had been undergone the cyber attack before the documents were released. But there was a post in Twitter where was written that firstly Wikileaks was going to publish the documents after that it was attacked.

In addition, Wikileaks applied people to continue reading the website and rely on it despite it is forbidden by the government. Besides, people can use such tools as VPN or Tor to bypass the restrictions using legal means.

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