Who is prepared for defending cybersecurity?

May 14, 2018

Progressive Asia-Pacific states, participating in the preparatory Balinese meeting for the World Telecommunication Development Conference, concurred to concentrate on cybersecurity challenges and solutions. The readiness to strengthen the cybercrime defense was confirmed by the head of the Communication and Information Ministry’s International Cooperation Center. Ikhsan Baidirus stated that the cybersecurity issue was added into the International Telecommunication Union programs.

Delegates of 29 ITU member states from the Asia-Pacific zone participated in the Bali meeting came to terms combining forces and developing the cybersecurity issue during the WTD conference in Buenos Aires (Brazil), in October.

It is commonly known that the ITU institution conducts its primary activity by developing the infrastructure of communications and information technology. Besides that, the security of the global network infrastructure needs to be protected against the misuse of the exchanged info, that also includes spread of negative content.

What is more, several nonmember countries expressed readiness to join the discussion on cybersecurity that was slated for the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity meeting in Bangkok, in April.

In such a manner, progressive countries admitted that the cybersecurity issue held a prominent place in the international policy and pushed for reconsidering cyber norms in respect with cultural differences, social and political situations in each relevant country.

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