Is WhatsApp backdoor truth or fiction?

May 14, 2018

Is WhatsApp backdoor truth or fiction?WhatsApp message transfer service has been blamed once again for holding a backdoor protection vulnerability which allows scanning confidential communications. At that point the charge has been laid by The Guardian based on the researches of Tobias Boelter which operates in the University of California at Berkeley.

The report defined how WhatsApp had developed new secret keys for deactivated customers, e.g. that switch mobile phones and reinstall the app again. In addition, the operation process of the Signal encoding protocols utilized by WhatsApp were examined in details. The Signal app is responsible for coding info and re-encrypting it after verification failure. This is a way to prevent from a third-party penetration in private communication which is infringed by a backdoor installation.

The charge has been retorted by the Signal’s co-creator Moxie Marlinspike which has informed that so-called backdoor is nothing more than an instrument of customers’ security. What is more, senders immediately detect the key modification and can prevent this misdemeanor. Nevertheless, the global society is persuaded of faithful info and takes steps raising personal security standards. This is why they use VPN services and chat in WhatsApp with no worries being monitored. With all possibilities providing by VPN your online communication will be private and protected from a prying eye.