Watch Out For Your Google Account!

September 28, 2016

Google saves your online activitiesGoogle saves your online activities. If you haven’t known it yet, then you should read the article. Most users set little store by their online security, while such well-known internet companies as Google saves some of your online activities

What does ‘some activities’ mean? There are such categories as:

  • search activities on apps and browsers;
  • your private map creation for defining the best route;
  • all your contacts, calendars, applications are stored as well;
  • your voice commands are stored too for improving its speech recognitions;
  • YouTube’s search and watch history.

The activities are saved when you sign in to your account on any device. In order to protect yourself and your online privacy you need to check here what has already been stored. If you are sure that your Google account stores some of your sensitive data you need to make some steps to get rid of the ‘traces’.

If concerning your Google account, the Internet company makes a profile for you, which contains your personal data including age, gender, interests. This data is used to display relevant ads when you surfing the net. Even if you don’t have a Google account it doesn’t mean your data is not stored on you (maybe the presumptive age of a customer won’t be truthful but a gender will fit).

In account of your location history, if you use Android based device, for example, it can send to Google your coordinates and even speed performance of your connection. Your location history can be watched and transferred into a file format, thus you can look it through and delete if needed.

When coming over to Google search history, it should be said that Google may save it. What is more, the history of announcements you linked and watched is saved too. But this information can be found by you in history of

Passing to the list of devices that have accessed your account, this data is also stored and available. If you are interested whether your Google account is used by someone else you can choose a list of all devices that have accessed it, their IPs and even location data.

If speaking about apps possibilities, you can look through the list of all apps and extensions that have an access to your information on Google. The list of applications that have any access to your data can be found in security settings of There you can see what rights your applications have and what data they have access to. In addition while checking it you can revolve the possibility.

And in order to get even more confidence in your online privacy you can export all your data with the help of Google takeout. Favorites, mails, contacts, calendars, Drive files, YouTube videos, pictures and etc can be removed from your profile on Google.

How to delete your Google traces:

More than that there are two more tricks how to delete items from your Google search history. If you want to get rid of just a few items it needless to log in your account.

  • Everything you need is to click Google icon or search box.
  • After that hold your finger or mouse on the item from the search box that needs to be deleted.
  • A box ‘remove from search history’ appears and to delete the item you choose ‘ok’.

If you want to do away with several items from the history you need to log into your account.

  • Then you should enter ‘history’ through the browser ‘settings’ menu.
  • After that you should choose ‘remove items’ to delete all the items from the current page.
  • You can also select older search items by clicking ‘older’ history button. Having deleted all the items, a message confirming the history clearing emerges.

Additional protective measures:

In order to control most of the saved activities you should choose your ‘Activity controls’ option where you can place a mark checking those activities that need to be saved and those that don’t. If you want to see most of other saved activities you should pass to ‘My activity’ where you can look through and delete all the inappropriate activities.

All told, it is obvious that some actions are to be taken by users to protect their network from eavesdropping and data storage. But if you want to move to a new level of defense, some more effective technologies should be applied. One of such technologies is a VPN service. Having installed such a tool at your device, your network is free from any uncontrolled interferences. The reason is that your true virtual location is spoofed and your IP address is hidden. In addition all your traffic passing through a secure tunneling created by a service is encrypted, thus unattainable. The market of the service is filled with different-sort outputs, in order to ease your choice, a more specified function of a VPN can be chosen, for example the best VPN for browser or the fastest VPN.

So, stay safe while networking, as you see even such harmless things as your accounts can save some ‘opposition research’ against you!