Watch Games of Thrones online

August 14, 2016

Games of ThronesThe extremely popular movie of the current generation Game of Thrones is going to be filmed in 2018. The movie will consist of eight seasons.

According to the programming chief Casey Bloys, the eight season will be the final one despite the viewers want to watch ten seasons of fantasy political drama. Fortunately, you may expect a potential spinoff as the idea has been already discussed. Actually there’s no concrete plan but Benioff and Weiss are supposed to be the main characters.

As for the seventh season, it will be released next summer. The drama is an original series of HBO. The channel where you can watch is HBO GO. But it’s available only for people living in the US.

How to watch Game of Thrones with VPN

If you are not an inhabitant of the US, the only way to watch the drama is to use VPN. First of all you should choose the VPN service which is more suitable for HBO as they work with HBO having good connection speed.

Having opened and configured your VPN account you should choose another geo-location somewhere in the US.

Your account with an HBO NOW service provider that is suitable for you device should be opened. Then launch VPN and connect to the provider’s store. You should register as a US account for downloading the app. After downloading the app you should launch it. In fact, you can watch you everything you want as you’re provided access.


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