VyprVPN: Winter Olympic Special

February 08, 2018

VyprVPN: Winter Olympic SpecialAre you a sports fan? Do you enjoy the Olympic Games? If you are one of them, you know that the XXIII Winter Olympic Games will commence soon in South Korea. And what’s even better is that….

… VyprVPN offers a 25% special discount on annual plans for newcomers!

 Why is VyprVPN a great choice for streaming the Olympic Games?

#1 Geo-blocked content

It might happen that you will have to stream the Winter Olympics from the country where it is not broadcasted. VyprVPN is an awesome tool to unblock the broadcast of the competitions in 2018.

#2 Congested networks

The Winter Olympic Games is one of the most remarkable sport events in the world. Millions of amateurs will stream it to cheer their favourite sportsmen. Still, it is often hard to watch the event without buffering as the Internet Service Providers may throttle internet traffic, which leads to slower connections.

With VyprVPN, your traffic will be cyphered, and your ISP will see that it is codified. It will be difficult to make your Internet slower.

How to watch the Winter Olympic Games 2018 with VyprVPN?

Well, it is dead simple!

Just three steps to follow:

Read more about VyprVPN’s features in our expert review and stay safe and private while watching the Winter Olympic Games!

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