VPNs are completely banned in China

January 24, 2017

VPNs are completely banned in ChinaPRC has finally taken a decision to inhibit the usage of VPN services without authorization. This new regulation is targeted at effective annihilation of VPNs within Chinese borders. According to the announce of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, such style of measures is originated by the Golden Shield project supposing inspection and follow-up cleaning of net services that are planned for the near 14 months.

But as of today, VPN providers are not up to speed on the scale of the problem which may affect their operations outside of Chinese Republic. It’s important to note that service providers have long been informed about strict internet censorship in PRC and prepared for modernizing their technologies with the view of bypassing the Golden Shield.

From this perspective, if you live in China or are going to visit it trying to surf the net free and boundlessly, you will need the decent VPN for China. Due to the Chinese Golden Shield which has limited surfers’ possibilities online depriving them of accessing to relevant popular websites and internet resources, such as Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many others. But you need only a high-quality service, because the Chinese government has made great progress censoring internet content meanwhile restricting VPN services. One way or another, all the Chinese netizens need to be prepared to difficult times.