VPN Plugins Offered by Hotspot Shield for Firefox and Chrome Users

December 14, 2015

hotspot shield - vpn serviceIf you are worried about the government restriction for accessing some of your favorite sites like YouTube or any other site, then you can access the sites very easily with the help of Hotspot Shield VPN service. It is the world’s most popular proxy VPN service which has more than 350 million downloads so far.

To make matters easier for its users, Hotspot Shield now offers two browser plugins for popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. This makes it very easy for you to browse restricted content from all corners of the globe. The VPN service will ensure the anonymity of your IP address every time you access a website.

The Hotspot Shield VPN service is ad-free and you will be able to access sites like Facebook, Netflix and YouTube, even if these websites are blocked in your country. The best part of internet users in China and Russia is that they can now access all kinds of blocked websites in their country without being tracked by their respective governments. They will be accessing through a different server located in a different country and also with a proxy IP address.

The new web browser plug-ins will offer direct browser integration for the Hotspot Shield users to enjoy a new browsing experience.