Users wait for VPN designed by Apple

February 03, 2017

Users wait for VPN designed by AppleIt has become clear that iOS 10 contains a trivial change that influences customer’s safeness. The worst case scenario is that all your traffic can be exposed when connecting to insecure networks. The most reliable way out is to avoid connecting to public hotspot, which is unacceptable for many average customers and especially for those who need to travel a lot. In this regard it will be more coherent to run a VPN service.

The fact of the matter is that a reliable VPN service makes your online life invisible and therefore untraceable. You don’t necessarily need to hide something extra important, seeing that everyone wants his bank accounts and personal data to be protected from unauthorized penetration. Such companies as Google and Android have already applied the technology for their services, which are activated while connecting to unprotected networks. So, it’s high time for Apple to care for their customers and build the tool in their devices too. Either a few trusted VPN companies or self-developed variant will be an appropriate way out from the situation, as with the rising amount of public networks anyone will definitely need this additional service for their protection.

If you don’t want to wait for Apple’s solution for the issue, you have a possibility to subscribe for the best VPN for iOS right now. Follow the link and you will find all the essential information on the service. Besides, if you are still not sure whether you need the service or not or you have some open questions, you have a possibility to visit FAQ section where you can find some answers or pose a question to specialists. So, care for your network protection and everything will be OK!