Use NordVPN to Unblock Social Media Sites in Uganda

December 12, 2017

nordvpn - vpn service.The elections in Uganda are just around the corner. This has made the government to ban all social media sites in the country. People are not able to connect with their loved one through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites due to the ban imposed on them. 

The latest trend in Uganda is that more and more people are reconnecting to the social media sites using VPN services like NordVPN. This VPN provider is offering a great solution that can easily bypass the geo-restriction on social media sites in Uganda. With the NordVPN service, anyone in Uganda can easily and quickly connect to WhatsApp, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and other websites that can be blocked in the near future. 

The NordVPN will link your computer to a server in any country of your choice using an encrypted tunnel. This means that you will be seen to appear from the U.S or the UK, even if you are accessing Facebook from Uganda. NordVPN will change your current IP address to any IP address of another country to show that you are connecting your social media network from a different location and not from Uganda. This VPN service will not retain the logs of its users.