Use Betternet VPN Service to Check out Facebook and Twitter in Turkey

May 14, 2018

betternet - vpn service, betternet in Turkey.Are you in Turkey and you are not able to access popular social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.? Do you want to stay connected with your Facebook and Twitter accounts even when you are on the go in regions where their access is restricted? Well, you need to make use of Betternet VPN service to access all the websites that are on offer without needing to worry about geo-restrictions. This means that people in Turkey can access Facebook, YouTube, etc., by downloading the free Betternet VPN. The blocking of popular social networking sites took place after the terrorist attacks in Ankara in October.

The citizens of Turkey will be able to freely access their Facebook or Twitter amounts through Betternet and there will be no bandwidth limitations. Betternet is offered in Google Play Store for Android users and also through iTunes store for Apple device users. The Betternet app is offered in the Windows version as well as Firefox and Google Chrome extensions.

Betternet VPN has plans to offer every citizen in this world the access all the blocked websites without any limitations. It will offer you encrypted access to any of the blocked sites in your region through a fake IP address so that your account cannot be hacked easily.