The United States and China have discussed the problem of cybersecurity

December 12, 2016

Our daily life including economic vital capacity, national security and even international relationships depends on a secure and stable computer network. Under such conditions everyone regularly hears news about popular data bases which have been attacked by a group of highly-advanced hackers or about leakage of top-secret information. Such news creates panic and indignation among people and sets thinking about the importance of protecting personal data.  

Cyberspace and its framework are exposed to a large number of risks coming from physical and cyber threats and perils. Malicious cyber actors attack the global network stealing sensitive and important information and money, causing chaos and distrusting into relationships on a world-wide scale.

For this reason, the international community headed by governmental leaders directs efforts to fight against cybercrime and cyberterrorism. One of the recent cybersecurity meetings took place on December 8, 2016 between two world powers – the USA and China.

It was the third reunion between U.S and Chinese states where officials discussed cybercrime and related topics. As for state agents, they were represented by the U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and DHS Secretary Jeh Jonson on the one side, and Chinese State Councilor and Minister of the Public Security Ministry Guo Shengkum on the other side.

The main purpose of the meeting was a discussion of new data protection measures. What is more, during the conference states representatives certified mutual cooperating on cybercrimes and unlawful online activity investigation, discussed measures of regular net protection and agreed to continue distributing information in order to counter the usage of the Internet for criminal purposes. In conclusion, the parties praised the U.S. - China hotline mechanism start which has functioned since this fall and decided to hold this subject of discussion open. 

Consequently, the international community takes successful steps fighting against cybercrime. But no one can guarantee absolutely secure and safe cyberspace yet. All measures directed towards data security improvement will produce results sooner or later, but now you must fend for yourself and use some protective extra services, such as a VPN. This technology encrypts incoming/outcoming traffic making it inaccessible and incomprehensible for hackers. Using one of the best VPNs you will forget about hackers and data leakage.