Unblock-Us Not Worried about Netflix’s Plans to Close VPN Loopholes

January 13, 2016

Unblockus - vpn service.Even though Netflix is available for Australians internet users, there are many people who use virtual private network (VPN) services to access more content from Netflix. They want to have the lion's share of Netflix content that the Americans get and they can enjoy the content making use of VPN services. 

Unblock-Us is the most popular VPN service that is used by Australians to access the geo-restricted websites and also Netflix full content. There are more than 2.7 million Australians use Netflix through VPN services like Unblock-Us. The local competitors are not happy with the VPN services offering Australians easy access to all the content on Netflix.  

This made Netflix to announce several times that they would be closing the loophole and prevent the geo-blocked customers from accessing their service. But, it looks like these attempts are just an announcement without any action. Even now, an Australian with a Netflix Australia account can access the U.S. content with the same local account. 

Netflix has said that it would be blocking the unblocking VPN services very soon and this will force the local users to access only Netflix content offered in their country. Unblock-Us has said that it will take up this new move by Netflix. Unblock-Us is aware of Netflix’s decision and will make adjustments to their service if Netflix moves forward.