The UK has passed a new Investigatory Power Act

November 27, 2016

The UK has passed a new Investigatory Power Act Every user who tends to Internet freedom should know how to protect his network from government snooping. In keeping with the latest channels of information, the bill named Investigatory Power Act 2016 has been passed in the UK and will become law till the end of the year. The bill is described by the director of Open Rights Group as the most severe in surveillance law that has ever been passed.

Conforming to the law, British ISPs will have to store a record of all visited websites, any data is to be decrypted on a demand of the government. What is more, the government services are known to be able to hack citizens’ devices if necessary. In this way, almost 50 government departments and police forces are to be able to get access to any your online data and metadata.

As you know all your traffic passing through your device is routed to the servers of your provider. Any provider is able to trace and intercept your traffic for further usage. The issue of this very law is concluded in the fact that these actions are to be legalized and all the British ISPs will be obliged to pass to the government agencies any data that will be asked.

Therefore, many British customers have turned to proxy servers’ usage. But if speaking about proxies, there are some negatives about the service. First, the fact that you don’t know who possesses and runs the servers may lead to undesired consequences. Second, they can be slow in operation and unreliable.

The best way to protect your network from government snooping is to apply a reliable VPN service for the UK, which is to encrypt all your traffic routed through one of the services of any location you wish. This is why, having subscribed for a qualitative VPN, you know that you are able to use your ‘home’ network even being abroad and no ISPs are able to intercept or identify your traffic.