The UK government has launched a 5-year National Cyber Security Strategy

November 04, 2016

uk national cyber security strategy An advanced five-year strategy aimed at struggle against cyber criminals has been launched by the government of the UK. The purpose of the approach is to attract businesspeople to the country by assuring that the UK is the safest place for running a business.

To prevent damaging from hacker attacks a set of measures is to be taken by the authorities. Much of the invested money is to be spent on countenance of the existing programs of the intelligence agencies. Thus, the NCSC is recorded to help the organizations that fight against cyber attacks.

In addition, the law enforcement capabilities and international relations will be strengthened. More than 50 cyber-crime investigators are to be employed for the NCCU, which deals with cyber crimes. Possible ways of increasing protection of different devices will be examined by Cyber Security Research Institute. In order to assist materially in developing new defensive technologies, a Cyber Innovation Fund will be created and opened.

On the one side, the measures being taken by the government are useful for business investment in the UK. On the other hand, any user should see after his/her networking independently, as you should learn the question in details for being independent of any secondary parties while running your business. The best way to protect your networking for today is to apply for the best logless VPN, which assures you in private and secure online work.