Two strangers broke into Microsoft’s network

April 13, 2018

According to the reports of British police two men have broken into Microsoft’s network. It has been affirmed that they are 22-year-old and 25-year-old young man from Lincolnshire and Bracknell. They were caught by the officials from SEROCU (The South East Regional Organised Crime Unit). The illegal intruders are considered to be involved in an international group because the same cases were initiated in a number of states.

The representatives from Microsoft company stated that data about customers did no leak to the public eye, nevertheless the size of the damage afflicted to its network is still analyzed.

In the result of investigations it was found out that the act of hacking happened this year, between January to March. Now the suspects are under arrest.

SEROCU did not give any comments on this particular part of the investigating measures.

Det Sgt Rob Bryant from SEROCU’s Cyber Crime Unit said that there were still few details on this affair. But he also added that the team would cooperate with their partners for checking where hackers might hide.

Some months before Microsoft had the law on one of the companies from China. It is supposed that the following enterprise distributed Xbox currencies for the users. According to the lawsuit they were breaking into the accounts of the users who purchased currency for games and then transported this to its accounts. This currency was sold to different online users after all.

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