Twitter has modified its security mechanism

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Twitter has modified its security mechanismAs it has been announced in the company’s blog, Twitter’s safety control will be tightening up. The decision is explained by the desire of attracting a buyer. Nevertheless, some newly designed security tools are available for users allowing to report abusive tweets or manage displayed content.

In such a manner, users are empowered to stop the creation of abusive profiles by noting people with ambiguous behavior. In addition, the designers have increased the safety of search requests by reducing the chance of sensitive tweets appearance.

The main idea of adopting new rules is to secure the network and make it more informative. There is no doubt that high quality tweets improve the general environment. But at the same time the question about who will be responsible for the content filtering is still in the scale. What is more, you can secure your Twitter account by following some simple rules or just installing a VPN service. By doing so, you secure your internet connection and all exchanging traffic with strong protocols that encrypt transferred files making them unavailable for a third party. From there, your sensitive info will be protected while twitting or simply browsing the net.