TunnelBear is Bought by McAfee: Deal-of-the-Spring

September 01, 2018

TunnelBear is Bought by McAfee: Deal-of-the-SpringMcAfee is the company engaged in development of antivirus software. Being founded in the year of 1987, McAfee is among top 5 soft giants now. 5.7% of the market accounts for this American company.

According to the survey conducted by the company, less than 20% of netizens resort to services of VPNs to protect their data. In such a way, McAfee made a decision to attract users’ attention to VPN providers.


In such a way, McAfee made a decision to attract users’ attention to VPN providers. In March 8, 2018 McAfee bought Canadian VPN – TunnelBear. The details of trade aren’t disclosed yet.

However, it is known that McAfee developers plan to integrate the tech solutions of TunnelBear VPN into its own VPN – Safe Connect. As a result, a perfect Virtual Private Network that would meet the requirements of all internet users will be worked out.

Although TunnelBear belongs to McAfee now, TunnelBear’s team will keep on working on the creation of the service.

Why TunnelBear?

McAfee is passionate about safe internet surfing and therefore has chosen TunnelBear as a basis for the app of the future.

TunnelBear is a paid VPN with a free plan that offers apps for both desktop and portable gadgets. Paying from $4.99 up to $9.99 per month users are given an opportunity to connect to one of TunnelBear VPN servers to protect their data against hackers while using public WiFi hotspots, for instance.

What’s the bottom line?

The details of the deal are not clear, but McAfee assures internet users that they are about to work out a world-class VPN service that would change the situation in the cybersecurity sphere.

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