TRA in UAE makes the new law clear

May 14, 2018

vpn services in uaeNot all the users will be targeted by the new law adopted in UAE. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) decided to clear up the new law regarding the use of virtual private networks.

According to the TRA the intention is to rationalize the company’s usage of VPN. Businesses should be guaranteed the safety, especially for the companies based in UAE. It has been emphasized that there are no regulations concerning company’s access to virtual private network. That’s why the users are supposed to be inspected because of possible misuse.

The law was amended last month after misunderstanding its aim, according to which the focus is to combat cybercrimes. So the new law implies that if your IP address is changed by any false address for committing a crime, you will be fined or even put into prison. The fine amount is between Dhs 500,000 and Dhs 2,000,000. However, only those who use VPN in a wrong way will be targeted, while any legitimate activity won’t be affected.

On the whole, the law is a kind of warning regarding misuse of licensed services in UAE which can lead to some consequences.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, the director of TRA, states that the UAE’s leadership in ICT is contradicted to what has been informed about VPN. Moreover, economic activity in UAE is well supported by ICT.

VPN makes blocked site accessible by hiding the real IP address and changing the location. Some people use it for bypassing restrictions on international sites like Netflix.

According to the report TV piracy through VPN services leads to the losses.

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