Top-Rated VPN Service HMA! Presents Its Renewed Version

December 12, 2017

Top-Rated VPN Service HMA! Presents Its Renewed Version Developed to simplify the VPN usage for first-timers the latest version of HMA! VPN service has been launched. It is considered to make control over sharing one-on-one information via the internet as simple as ABC. The aim was gained by developing a friendly interface for those who use this service at first.

Feel safe with the click of a button

This version gives its users a chance to interconnect online safer within a moment at any place they are. Any user can get whatever he wants without any hits to the internet speed. The mentioned possibility is achieved due to the modern HMA! focusing on good-performance internet. This renewed interface is especially good for those who use VPN service for the first time.

Don’t depend on your location any more

This benefit gives a possibility to widen or even change your geo-location. If you are travelling a lot around the world this function is definitely developed for you. All you should do is to choose one of the 190 countries. Your IP address will be changed and you will surf the internet as if you are at “home”.

Feel free to do whatever you want

This turned version gives privacy to those who urgently need it, to those people who live inside the censorship regime of repressive countries. Using this version you will be able to feel free by evading censorship. All your data will be under strong protection of encryption methods the service uses.

As it was mentioned this version provides market-landing average with over 900 servers in more than 350 locations in different countries. Moreover, they’ve offered more than 100.000 IP address choices. On top of all that new version of HMA! VPN service is practically the first service with multiple languages choice. So, draw conclusions and be safe.