The top 3 hottest news of this week

May 14, 2018

The top 3 hottest news of this week► Who has hacked the Telegram app?

Telegram security breach has been denied by Markus Ra, a company’s spokesperson. The report about the popular messaging app compromising has been recognized as a fake and disproved by actual evidences.

It should be reminded that the information about Telegram crack has been originated with the unsustainable claim about Donald Trump elections published by BuzzFeed in personal collection of memos. What is more, Telegram has been reportedly hacked by Russian intelligence that is proved to be false.

►Xiongmai counters against Mirai malware

As far back as October 2016, CCTV dealer Xiongmai suffered from Mirai malware that caused a recall of vulnerable cameras lot. Providing DDoS attacks, some net-connected cameras exploited remotely instead of being locked down. What is more, Xiongmai just recently presented a list of superuser passwords in order to take remote control over CCTV systems and carry out a battle against the malware.

►Russia has interfered in the US election

According to the DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Russian interference in the recent presidential elections thought a lesson to American government. Today, government authorities administer the pall system as before consulting with the DHS resources in order to prevent cyber-attacks. One way or another, all risks coming from the global net can be evaded with the aid of VPN service. It has been designed to keep all sensitive info safe and secure even exchanging it via the Internet. If you want to protect your private info with a VPN, you need to be sure in its reliability and possibility to defend your traffic. In such a manner, VPNs will protect your online activity from monitoring and hackers penetration.