TheSafety.US VPN conducts a promotion for our followers!

December 02, 2016

TheSafety.US VPN conducts a promotion for our followers! You might have noticed some changes in the list of VPN services on our website. Thus, being one of the newcomers of our rating, TheSafty.US VPN has shown itself to be a fast-paced competitor to regular top-rated providers.

TheSafty.US VPN is one of the up-to-date products on the market of the service, which offers standard and double encryption, static shared, dynamic IPs and offshore double VPN, VPN + Socks.

If talking about server park, there are 23 cities in 20 countries that are offered for clients management.

America: Canada, Panama, the US (California, Florida, Missouri).

Asia: Malaysia.

Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK.

The company has created a special promo code for our followers: all the customers who find the service on our website can use BESTVPNR to achieve 20% OFF for the first subscription!

So, refine yourself and get the discount!