Technology sites are blocked in Turkey

May 14, 2018

Technology sites are blocked in Turkey The Internet turns to be more and more subordinated to different countries’ heads. Everyone knows that Turkey has chosen the way of following the politics of strict censorship oriented to the political regime support. This month it has also become clear that the government has applied for blocking some Twitter accounts. The action has been considered by the citizens as unlawful, because the Internet shouldn’t be deprived from freedom of speech.

Today the Turkey government headed by Erdogan has been found out to give order to block some more websites. Under a ban there are GitHub, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. The reason for blocking is to stop the spreading of more than fifty thousand stolen letters from the political departments and private correspondence.

According to report, SSL errors indicating nationwide blocking are thrown by all the affected technical sites. The authenticity of some of the stolen letters has been verified by the court and the leak is known to have been committed by hackers from RedHack in furtherance of political prisoners.