Take care of your security and guard your smartwatch from hacking

December 27, 2016

Take care of your security and guard your smartwatch from hackingToday smartwatches are the new black providing a high level of functionality and comfort. Wearing this gadget on your hand, it tracks your health and physical activity, reminds you about your scheduled operations etc. Seeing that smartwatches are vulnerable to cyber-arracks as any electronic device, you need to accept some preventive measures and secure your gadget from penetration.

  • Keep your smartphone secured

As already said, mobile phones are the most vulnerable device, especially it concerns the communication bridge between your smartwatch and smartphone. In most cases having access to one of the units is enough for hackers taking control over a targeted gadget and other connected machines.

The easiest way to penetrate and infect your smartphone is through suspicious apps downloaded from an unverified web resource. So, the first step is to verify all apps and files installed on your device. It would be better to subscribe for a VPN and enjoy free and secure network protected by strong encryption protocols. This technology saves your connection from hackers and malicious data thefts.

  • Update software on a regular basis

Do not forget to modernize all your devices downloading software update. Usually OS developers not only optimize the performance, but also fix menacing security risks.

  • Do not spread your personal info

Unfortunately your data can be interesting not only for hackers, but for advertisers and insurance companies too, targeting in products or services promoting.

  • Configure your gadgets to identify thefts

Even if you take all these measures, your gadget can be simply stolen and sold in a black market. But luckily smartwatches have awesome mechanism which is able to identify the theft and alarm their customers.