Subscribers can Turn into Pirates if Netflix Clamps Down VPN Services

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

unblock-us - vpn service to access Netflix.Have you recently come across a note on Netflix that you are using a proxy or an unblocker to watch Netflix and were requested to switch off any of the VPN services and then try again? This is a common information  that many people are getting from Netflix as the video streaming service are going all out to clamp down the VPN  providers.

Earlier Netflix did not mind about the VPN providers like Unblock-Us. Netflix subscribers have used the VPN service to access the United States content in geographically restricted areas and this helped the company boost its revenue and to increase its customer base. Now that Netflix has expanded to all major countries of the world, it looks like they are tightening the screws on people using a VPN service like unlock-us to access Netflix. 

Unblock-Us in unfazed by the present activity of Netflix and has said that all the VPN, unblockers and proxy services will wage a guerrilla war against Netflix and their new method of detection of VPNs. The companies feel that this decision by Netflix could backfire on them as people would resort to unethical practices like illegally downloading movies and TV shows that they earlier had paid money to Netflix to watch.