The stars want to be hacked too

May 14, 2018

NASA Kepler Twitter accountFrom the childhood everybody dreams about the stars and unknown planets which are not discovered yet. Nowadays thanks to modern technologies we can get to know the latest news about space reading the Nasa Kepler Twitter, a space observatory launched by NASA to discover Earth-size planets orbiting other stars. Being the most popular platform all over the world it achieved notoriety yesterday.

On Wednesday the Nasa Kepler Twitter account was hacked and the picture of a scantily dressed woman was twitted. More than 500 000 followers could take notice such incredible news! Having changed the picture hackers were not satisfied with the result, so they decided to tweet the message "waiting for ya: <3" and included a link to a porn site. 

Armed with patience, the developers tried to represtinate the page and managed with the large stream of audience. At the same time somebody suggested that was done for attracting a wider audience.

According to the source, Gemalto's CTO of Data Protection Jason Hart doesn’t consider that passwords can’t be secure and no matter how complicated it is made. He describes it as an identity theft when the password has been stolen.

On the whole, in one day one of the most well-known source has become infamous. Will the situation affect public opinion? Let’s see in the future.