Snatch an opportunity! New Cyberghost 6.0 for Windows free

May 14, 2018

CyberGhost 6.0 for WindowsIf one wants to enjoy a complete privacy, security and safeness while networking there is a solution. New Cyberghost 6.0 for Windows has been developed especially for this purpose. The output provides the service for both advanced users and first-timers.

Cyberghost has made its best to enhance the security level for the users with Windows platform. The improvements have affected such functional details as:

  • the interface now is proclaimed to be easier to use, so that even a person who deals with the task at first will manage to fulfill it without any help;
  • access to various streaming services, which is gained due to the usage of up-to-date protocols that help to bypass any restrictions;
  • protecting while connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots, the function is particularly of especial need if you travel a lot and have to make online payments from other countries;
  • download speed, the enhancement of the download speed through the built-in accelerator will be a good news for those who like watching movies in high quality.

But the main feature of the bettering is that special attention has been paid to the protective means, which make the version even more reliable. There are such improvements as strong encryption, anti-malware defense, HTTPS redirect and some of the mentioned before.

The creators assure their potential clients that this new solution is a ready-made product, which is open for usage. This is a free service, which can influence the decision even more.