Slick VPN has reduced prices up to $48 for yearly subscription

October 30, 2016

Slick VPN has reduced pricesGoing under the name of Slick VPN, the service is to make your online activities protected while offering you a slick business deal. After the regular prices were cut, today you are able to control your Internet surfing having subscribed to various plans cheaper:

Special offers:

  • Monthly costs $10/mth (saves 33%);
  • 3 Months costs $20/mth (saves 33%);
  • Yearly costs $48/mth (saves 66%).

An outstanding protection at great prices and strong options to choose from are suggested by the VPN. All your accounts are to be completely secure and safe with the service. Any of your confidential content can’t be entered or intercepted by uncontrolled access. So, make the right call for your protection!