Save 59% with Privatoria VPN!

December 16, 2016

It is widely assumed that the Internet gets a profound human work. Depending of the region we are located and the quality of provided net connection, we can receive necessary info in a few seconds. On top of that, the Internet gives multiple benefits for its users of any age and social position. For example, connecting through Skype or other social websites, relatives can keep in touch with each other living in different continents. Moreover, all recent and topical news, popular movies and TV shows, scientific libraries and data bases become available within a few clicks. In addition, you can purchase any product you want from foreign countries sitting in the armchair without any special efforts.

But at the same time the Internet is overrun with malicious hackers which raven after vulnerable personal accounts and net connections. They hack email, online accounts and even personal devices can be at risk of infection.

If you want to protect your personal data from leakage and save money, we propose you to keep your eye out for a VPN service like Privatoria. It not only guarantees a high level of security and anonymity, but offers great discounts celebrating Christmas Holiday Season.

Privatoria cuts the price by 59% making its packages available for customers like never before. 3 Months will cost you $4.33 per month or $12.99 for one payment. If you want to double time of VPN usage and subscribe for 6 months’ package, you can pay $22.99 or $3.83 per month. The most attractive offer is to choose annual package which costs $32.99 or $2.74 per month and forget about external hazards for 12 months.

This is one of the generous proposal in the VPN market. So, do not snooze and catch a wave of Christmas Sale Season with Privatoria.