ROSCOMNADZOR has finally blocked LinkedIn

November 21, 2016

ROSCOMNADZOR has finally blocked LinkedIn LinkedIn has been blocked in Russia. ROSCOMNADZOR has demanded from all the providers to block the social net. It should be mentioned that the agency declared to restrict access to LinkedIn in the country resulting from ‘personal data’ law violation a month ago.

The opinion has been concluded after Moscow City Court adopted the decision on the 10th of November. Earlier the social net has been accessible from mobile operators and regular Internet providers. In compliance with Putin’s press secretary, the measure can’t be called censorship as privacy law has been violated by the company.

The law on personal data transfer to the territory of Russia became operative on the 1st of September 2015. Thus, LinkedIn is the first large social net, which has undergone the force of the law. It’s on record that the US representatives of the company have ineffectively asked the administration of the court to unblock the net.

In keeping with policy of other large services, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, they aren’t known to have declared about transfer of their servers to Russia. In conformity with ROSCOMNADZOR, the social nets are not going to be inspected for the law-abidingness.

So, what if the social net is a necessity for one’s business maintenance in Russia? Of course, the situation may result in some far-reaching implications, but in order to get an access to the net today you need a qualitative VPN. A good VPN for LinkedIn unblocking provides multiple server location choices, which enables a customer to choose any countries’ location, thus accessing to the blocked resource.