Riffle is a new anonymity network

July 16, 2016

Riffle for anonymous communicationThe scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne are designing a new anonymity network which is more secure than Tor.

Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. Its intention is to protect the personal data of users, as well as their freedom and ability to conduct private communication by keeping online activities from being tracked. Using the service people living in the countries with restricted access to the Internet can browse without any limits. Nevertheless, Tor is vulnerable allowing FBI to identify users. That’s why it was decided to create something more protected.

The new anonymity network called Riffle will be presented at symposium Privacy Enhancing Technologies which is going to be held on the 19-22nd of July in Darmstadt, Germany. According to the scientist’s speech, the new version is based on existing encryption technique, but it combines in a new way.

Riffle is represented as a system of servers each of which changes the order of received messages before directing to another server. For example, the messages from Alice, Bob, Carol are sent into the first server as A, B, C. Having changed the order the server will send them as B, C, A. The changing order will continue all the whole way. As the result, a hacker will be confused not knowing where message is.

Riffle as well as Tor uses “onion routing” which implies that every message is protected by several encrypted layers. In additional, verifiable shuffle is also used. It helps to prevent from obtaining access to the server by hackers. The function “authentication encryption” is also enabled. It provides the authentication of the encrypted message.