QNAP & Golden Frog’s New VPN Product

August 22, 2016

QNAP & Golden Frog's new vpn productIt is no secret that with intensive growth of information technologies people are worried about personal information confidentiality in networks. Interest among different customers is evoked now in the issue of the Internet networks security. These days there are not only big corporations but also individuals concerned about the increasing incidents of hacker attacks and data leakage. Fortunately, some organizations work closely with this issue and offer relevant solutions.

Known publicly as a high-quality supplier of network devices QNAP has joined ‘forces’ with Golden Frog Company. Today any QNAP NAS customer can try the product of their partnership. Vypr VPN has been developed to provide full security to its users in the network.

The QTS App Center affords approach to the brand-new product. The QNAP NAS users are offered a full choice of encrypting methods. Service developers provide various choices from 3 protocols to hide their network. There are PPTP, Open VPN-256, and Open VPN-160 protocols. The partnership has heightened safeguards for QNAP users in this advanced VPN service. This output comes to be the first product with combined VPN utility to its customers.

Due to the brilliant work done by Golden Frog to enhance the security measures and QNAP’s assistance provided in cooperation a qualitatively new result in security sphere has been gained. Vypr VPN service has been chosen by QNAP Systems, Inc. due to its network high quality and speed characteristics.

The great team of professionals in software development Golden Frog has achieved their aim in starting a new output.

reply February 23, 2017
Hi, i've just received a new TAS-168, and unfortunatly The VyprVpn app is not compatible with the last QTS 4.2.0... I'm so sad from it. I've a question, if i download the app from Google Play store, is the vpn client is available to all the traffic of the download station ?
reply February 23, 2017
No, the vpn will only work on the device you install it on.