Protect yourself against ransomware before it’s too late

May 14, 2018

ransomwareThe ransomware world knows no measures expanding its influence all over the global network and designing the strongest malware mechanisms. One of the latest attacks, also known as Popcorn Time ransomware, is based on the first Ponzi scheme, which is deemed to be the oldest type of cyberattacks, and requires to pay one bitcoin or infect two new users for regaining access to an affected computer. In the worst-case scenario, hackers gain full control over the infected machine and are able to use collected info for malicious purposes.

Other today’s remarkable ransomware scheme is aimed at infecting internet-connected home devices and demands $500 to unlock the television, which is hidden by a fake F.B.I. warning screen.

According to the latest reports, one of the biggest security threats facing the network system in 2016 is WannaCry, which infected thousands of computers in 74 countries within 24 hours only. Hackers have designed a successful scheme infecting personal computers with a click. Clicking once more, all sensitive data from an infected device is wiped and exposed to the public.

ransomwareFortunately to all the internet community, the WannaCry threat is considered to be past the point. As far as cybersecurity experts concern, it became too visible that helped to perform protective measures against infection and secure vulnerable devices.

Nevertheless, malicious hackers seek new ways and means for bypassing security firewalls and reaching necessary info. That’s exactly why you should be attack-ready, install up-to-date security software including antivirus and VPN, keep your OS upgraded. What is more, you are able to provide all internet-connected devices with a robust security protection by avoiding unknow web sources and suspicious click-through.