PPTP Is Being Replaced With L2TP Now

July 28, 2018

VyprVPN has advertised for PPTP protocolVyprVPN has advertised for PPTP protocol is taking backseat now. The notice says that as the latest MacOS named Sierra has been recently launched, PPTP protocol is being changed for L2TP. L2TP/IPSec protocol has been made available for Mac and Windows OS users by VyprVPN. The renewal is considered to work faster and more effectively.

The subscribers of VyprVPN who use Siera are to be automatically switched to a new protocol. The rest will still have access to the preceding one. Furthermore, VyprVPN has recommended renewing Mac system regularly to provide your system with even greater protection. Who hasn’t been aware of VyprVPN service yet we suggest following the link. The service has made a good showing and now has thousands of attached subscribers.