Popular social nets have been blocked in Turkey

November 08, 2016

Popular social nets have been blocked in Turkey In keeping with the latest news from TurkeyBlocks, the most trendy social nets as well as WhatsApp messenger have been blocked in Turkey. According to Turkey human rights activists, Facebook and Twitter have become first inaccessible social nets. Some of the citizens confirm Instagram has been blocked too.

The opposition leader, Selahattin Demirtaş’s arrest is known to be related to the restrictions imposed on the apps and nets. The formal charge hasn’t been laid yet but it is considered to be coming from relations with Turkish and Syrian Kurds.

While watching the news, you know that some technical websites have been already blocked in Turkey. In addition, some journalists have been previously blocked on Twitter too. So, there are at least two ways out of the issue: you can join the rising tide of discontent and wait for the resources’ unblocking, or you can subscribe to the best VPN for Turkey and enjoy the sources at this very moment. Any virtual location (country/city) can be chosen by you when using a qualitative VPN for Turkey, therefore you are able to get access to those restricted websites. Being afraid of tracing, while using the service you can feel free, as all your traffic passing out and into your device is encrypted, thus unattainable. So, use this simple tool to make your network free and protected.