Pavel Durov refuses to obey the law

June 28, 2016

Telegram, Pavel Durov refuses to obey the lawThe new law has been passed in second and third readings. Due to the fact there will be some consequences for telecommunication companies existing in Russia. In particular companies should hold all the user data for some months. If the authorities require giving the information, messengers and social networks will have to do it.

As it is written in the newspaper “Izvestiya”, the founder of the social networking site VK and the Telegram Messenger, Pavel Durov, refuses to obey the new law. The data and encryption keys won’t be given to unknown people including the government. According to him the laws which are adopted in different countries can’t influence the decision.

As for Russia, if you refuse to keep within the law, you’ll be fined.

The independent lawyer says, in such cases locking the resources aren’t mentioned by the law. Moreover fining the company which is not registered in Russia is virtually impossible. The only thing they can do is trying to fight against him and call “a bad lot”.

Of course, it’s possible to lock the resource, but hardly anybody will do it. For blocking it’ll be necessary to put on the forbidden site the application directory where the programme is.

Nowadays all the communications of the Telegram users are encoded and the data are kept like this. There’s a possibility of plain codebook encryption. For using the option the user should activate a secure chat mode, after that the messages will be transfered in encrypted form directly bypassing the server. So it’ll be impossible to give the unscrambled data even if Pavel Durov decides to collaborate with the government.