OurMine hackers break into HBO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

May 14, 2018

It has been officially reported that HBO was opposed to a cyber attack on Wednesday.

Several TV profiles and their accounts on Facebook and Twitter were hacked by relentless malicious technicians connected with the complicitous group OurMine.

A message with instructions saying that it is a simple security check was sent to Twitter and Facebook accounts belonged to HBO. By the way, several hours before, the company stated that the latest episode of ‘’Game of Thrones’’ had been accidentally released earlier because of the leakage.

In the result of the malicious intervention, a portion of sensitive data about the staff, including addresses and phone numbers, fell in hackers’ hands.

None the less, HBO spokesman declared that company’s stuff does its best to provide internet security of its content and avoid character assassination. They get rid of all discreditable tweets made by crackers, contacts with the internet security organizations, continues to fill the resources with entertaining products.

It is worth noticing that such cyber attacks are not rare at present that is why it is vital not only for big corporations, but also for average netizens, to keep an eye on the network safety. One needs to care about private and completely secure internet connections in order to be protected against the hackers lurking for the victims. One of the modern tools developed for this purpose is a VPN service that increases personal privacy and safety online. A credible VPN would be a helpful instrument to stay away from malicious hackers.

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