Opera Serves Opera VPN for Android Out

May 14, 2018

Opera Serves Opera VPN for Android Out VPN market gathers pace, the amount of new qualitative products is growing. More and more customers are attracted by this service. Some of them want to feel confident while surfing the Internet, the others want to avoid border restrictions. In this regard, such sphere of social system as network security engages a growing number of IT companies.

Opera is known to have released an updated browser with built-in VPN service, which has caused a specific resonance on the VPN market. Experts have suggested that any application with built-in VPN functions can’t perform qualitative defense.

But despite this, Opera’s team has decided to show its abilities and created a new independent app for devices on Android platform. Today Opera users can purchase this VPN subscription and get company’s guarantees on high defensive level of the service. This new product is called OperaVPN for Android. The developers have announced that this VPN service is made to protect Opera customers’ confidentiality on top-class defense. There are five offered regions including the US and Singapore. The creators of Opera’s VPN for Android have declared that the best thing about this application is that it is absolutely free.