nVPN offers new servers to its customers

January 03, 2017

nVPN offers new servers to its customers Nowadays, VPN services have become an integral part of our daily life especially for those who worry about privacy and online security. The modern market is flooded with various VPNs suitable for every requests and budgets. Looking for a reliable VPN provider which takes all necessary measures protecting users’ privacy, we can be easily lost and subscribe for a fraudulent service. In order to protect you from this mistake, read published articles and VPN ratings staying informed about recent news and discounts.

The striking example of the decent VPN service is nVPN which has increased the number of regions by adding 2 new servers in Italy and South Korea. This was announced on December, 31 and showed as a pleasant New Year gift for all customers. New servers are ready now for operation, so you can subscribe for nVPN and try new addresses.

In such a manner nVPN users are able to connect with 55 servers across the globe and have more possibilities to stream geo-restricted content or change IP addresses to be hidden and undetected.