The number of cards compromised grows in 2017

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Financial Corporation located in Silicon Valley cited data about escalating rates of cards that had been compromised in the USA by means of ATMs and POS.

The numbers are really impressive: a 39%-increase of cards hazarded at ATMs and trade outlets was recorded in the first 6 months of 2017.

According to vice president of Financing Corporation, TJ Horan, adversaries are constantly changing the tactics to stay unrevealed. In this connection Card Alert Service takes all reasonable precautions to protect card holders against frauds targeting their savings.

Besides, Financing Corporation recommends credit card holders to be on the alert and follow some simple rules to be protected:

1. A banking card should enter the ATM smoothly. If you notice some defects in ATM work, extract the card immediately without typing in a PIN-code.

2. Keep your distance from ATM in case someone else uses it or is nearby.

3. In case your banking card is left inside the Automated Teller Machine, you should contact the bank by phone and block it without delay.

4. Use the function of SMS notification about all activities connected with your card.

Introduced data doesn’t touch upon the frauds via the Internet concerned with money theft. It is not a surprise that the data in this sphere are even more significant. Paying by card in public places people may be exposed to card frauds. And the most reliable way to protect yourself is to use a VPN, which makes the data of your banking card defended against the fraudsters.

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