the NSA command center has been found on 33 Thomas Street, Manhattan

November 23, 2016

the NSA command center has been found on 33 Thomas Street, Manhattan33 Thomas Street, Manhattan is cleared up to be the NSA command center, which is a telephone traffic switching unit of telecommunication company AT&T. During all the history of its existence the building has never lost in the telling.

In compliance with Edward Snowden’s documents, the building is something more than just a commutate station. Being named by the developers as fortress of the 20th century, the building is one of the main intelligence objects of the NSA. The workers of the unit are concentrated not only on telephone calls interceptions, but also on traffic sniffing.

The code name of the building TITANPOINTE speaks for the power concentrated in the building. Having taken into account all the available data on the NSA activity revealed by Snowden, one may have a thing about online protection. But it’s not reasonable as you might have thought, because the more unique methods for your online protection you use the more suspicious you may seem for ISPs and other prying eyes. Therefore, it’s much more rational to subscribe for an effective VPN for the US, which is to make everything for your online protection from multiple threats and second parties.