New ExpressVPN’s release: solution for leak detection

May 14, 2018

Express VPN's releaseWe are glad to report you about this good news from ExpressVPN. This week the VPN provider has released an awesome solution to detect VPN vulnerabilities endangering users’ privacy.

The product has been launched by ExpressVPN company under MIT license. This is the first product of public use that is aimed at VPN security testing.

What is the purpose of the product?

The service is aimed at regression testing of ExpressVPN software. Though, it can be successfully applied for testifying of any VPN which doesn’t seem to ensure reliable protection for users.

Where can you download the tool from?

It is available for downloading on Github.

What leaks can be detected?

The service is able to identify the following leaks:

  • IP-address reveals when using WebRTC
  • Internet activities while switching from Wi-Fi to wired networks.

And that’s not all yet…

  • Plaintext data leakage in case of disorderly close-down

Well, a VPN service is on the rise at present, and it is widely-used for different reasons. Among them are cybersafety protection while using Wi-Fi, defense against ISPs and government tracking. These are the results of Propeller Insights Study taken on behalf of ExpressVPN company.

It is obvious that after releasing of such tools, VPN protection can be revealed as fake or reliable one. This tool will make certain VPN providers think of ensuring with more reliable services?

What’s your point of you on this? 

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