New breach in the marketing company has been detected

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

New breach in the marketing company has been detected The VICI Marketing’s client database has been put on the web by hackers. As a result, about half a million phone call recordings including identification info, such as names, phone numbers and credit cards data have been leaked.

It stands to reason that hackers were focused on receiving credit card info to the future criminal references. Regardless the fact that the database was secured, the threat that has been compromised still exists.

It’s absolutely obvious that the blame for sensitive data compromising lies with the marketing company. This is why they need to undertake stronger protective measures in order to avoid such situations. There are many methods for securing corporate network including regular data backup or server drivers’ monitoring. What is more, companies need to pay more attention to antivirus software updating and VPN services installation. Nowadays, the market is full of suitable security software which faces all requests. Be sure, that the best VPN will secure your corporate network from cyber-attacks keeping your business running. In such a manner, all confidential info including customers’ metadata will be protected from uncontrolled penetration and inaccessible for all internet community.